Our School Story

Our Context

Manoah Steves Elementary is a vibrant learning community on the west side of Richmond, British Columbia. We are one of three schools in the Richmond School District that has a Montessori program for students in kindergarten through grade 7. As well, we have a Neighbourhood program for kindergarten through grade 7 for students who live in the local area (which we call our catchment area). 

Our school benefits greatly from its strong sense of COMMUNITY. By this, we mean the people in our community and the physical place that comprises our community.

Our teachers and other staff members work together in a positive, collaborative way to make learning engaging and to meet the diverse needs of our students. Our parents are very supportive of happenings at the school and we pride ourselves in strong communication between parents and staff. This creates more of a "village" atmosphere in helping our learners grow.

Steves Elementary is in an optimal geographic location for learning. To the south is the historic village of Steveston and to the west is the West Dyke Recreational Trail. Our school field is larger than at most schools because City of Richmond park space adjoins our field area. The school also has two interior courtyards with gardens and protected places for outdoor learning. In addition, we have a brand new outdoor learning classroom on the east side of the school grounds. As you can imagine, we take our learning outside whenever possible!


Our Action Posts

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