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The Week Ahead Apr 29 - May 3

April 29 – May 3



Text Box: SCHOOL:  604-668-6660



May 6

PAC Meeting


May 7

Music in our Schools


May 10

Hot Lunch – Taco Luis

Spring Fling


May 16

Treat Day – popsicles


May 17

Pro D Day


May 20

Victoria Day






Monday, April 29

o   Rainbow Club (11:50am in the gym)


Thursday, May 2

o   Treat Day – popsicles for $ 1


Friday, May 3

o   Breakfast Club (8:00 am in the gym)

o   Yarn Club (11:50am in the library)


o   Our Lost and Found table is full of coats and jackets again.  Please come by and have a look before or after school.


o   Note that our Spring Fling event is coming up very soon.   Friday, May 10th from 3pm to 7pm at the school.  Please save the date - we hope to see you there!






Tru Earth - purchase eco-friendly cleaning products.

Tru Earth is offering all Steves Parents 30% off your entire order by using the discount code STRIP at checkout.  The school will still receive 20% of the amount you spend after the discount.


COBS Bread at Blundell Center - tell them that you want a portion of your purchase to go to Steves Elementary


Return-It Express - Print labels at their kiosk using the school phone number (604-668-6660)  then affix to your clear-plastic bag filled with drink containers.  Drop the bag in the window and the PAC receives the funds!




School Story in Action 2023-2024 

April 26, 2024 

As we recognized Earth Day on Monday, April 22, this week we would like to focus on the Steves Green Team. The Steves Green Team acts upon initiatives that help our earth all year long. Schools biggest use of energy is heating. Three days this year we challenged students to wear sweaters instead of turning up the heat. We also encouraged students to close the outside doors as quickly as possible to keep heat inside. 


Reducing the amount of recyclable material that goes into our school garbage is another major initiative. Simply by removing flexible plastics and from our garbage, we keep three to four huge bags from going to the landfill EVERY WEEK! Keeping the size of the landfill smaller is important because landfills create gases that are poisonous for us to breathe and leaches pollutants into our waterways. 


Students also think of their own initiatives and learn more about the bad effects of cars idling and collecting markers from each classroom to be recycled. 


Gardening is also a part of being green: by growing and taking care of plants, students come to understand the cycle of life and our precarious position as part of this cycle. 


This links to our School Story focus in the following way:   

Learning involves recognizing the consequences of one‘s actions. 

(First Peoples Principals of Learning) 













Updated: Friday, April 26, 2024