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The Week Ahead Apr 15 - 19

April 15 - 19



SCHOOL:  604-668-6660






April 25

Report cards published


April 26

Hot Lunch – Sushi Lovers


May 2

Treat Day – popsicles for $ 1


May 6

PAC Meeting


May 10

Hot Lunch – Taco Luis

Spring Fling


Please see our website calendar to view events for the rest of the year







Monday, April 15

  • Rainbow Club (11:50am in the gym)


Thursday, April 18

  • Treat Day – popsicles for $ 1


Friday, April 19

  • Breakfast Club (8:00 am in the gym)
  • Yarn Club (11:50am in the library)


  • Music in Our Schools is a series of concerts held at the Gateway Theatre highlighting Richmond School District’s music programs.  Several of our grade 7 students will be performing with the Hugh Boyd music program and their other catchment Elementary Schools on Tuesday, May 7th at 6:30pm.  If your child is performing, you will be contacted directly.  Please us this link to purchase tickets:


  • The Steves staff have been planning this year’s track season, and are very excited to share our preliminary plans.  Our theme this year is “Lifelong sports for everyone”.  Students have begun training and will continue to do so through April and into May.  The training will build up to a track and field event at Steves on May 24th (rain or shine).  This event will include students from all grades.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in one running, one jumping, and one throwing competition.  When designing the track season, our goals are :  to expose students to new activities, to support students in exploring what they enjoy, to develop new skills, to be inclusive of all students (age, ability, gender, and skills).  Details to come.



In Person Event for Parents & Caregivers at Grauer School
Beyond Behaviours: When Is it More?  Ages 4 to 8 years

It can be tricky to tell if our kids’ development is on track, if they are going through a phase, or struggling with something more? You are not alone. Join us in person to watch a 30 minute video conversation with Karen Peters, a mental health therapist who supports children, teens and families, for a discussion about understanding the developmental stages of 6 to 8 year old children.

Come together with other families to watch this video presentation followed by a facilitated discussion by the Family Peer Support Workers in Richmond.

This in person event will be hosted at Grauer Elementary in the school library – 4440 Blundell Rd, Richmond.  

This is an informal opportunity to connect and learn with other Richmond families.  It’s okay if you are a few minutes late, we know it is school drop-off time.  

Please note: The event is free.  We would like to ask that you please register as the school is generously offering us space, and we want to make sure we are ready to welcome you. 

Tuesday, April 16th

9:15am - 10:15am






Tru Earth - purchase eco-friendly cleaning products.

Tru Earth is offering all Steves Parents 30% off your entire order by using the discount code STRIP at checkout.  The school will still receive 20% of the amount you spend after the discount.


COBS Bread at Blundell Center - tell them that you want a portion of your purchase to go to Steves Elementary


Return-It Express - Print labels at their kiosk using the school phone number (604-668-6660)  then affix to your clear-plastic bag filled with drink containers.  Drop the bag in the window and the PAC receives the funds!


School Story in Action 2023-2024 

April 12, 2024 

We would to highlight our collaborative work in our Library Learning Commons (LLC). Our goal was to meaningfully incorporate technology. Students used new technologies (Apple pencils, Sketchbook app, Silhouette machine, and the embroidery machine) in the LLC to communicate cross-curricular learning in a variety of ways. Our hope is that some marginalized voices are able to share their thinking using different forms of technology. 

Some classes have taken our learning outdoors to the estuary near our school. Cohort 1 decided to use that sense of place to imagine characters that would help to explain part of the learning.  Students spent some time sketching and designing items found in the wild, which were then embroidered.   

We then had them take their creations and reimagine them as shadow puppets, which we planned to use in green screen.  


This links to our School Story focus in the following way:   

Learning is holistic, reflexive, reflective, experiential and relational (focused on connectedness, on reciprocal relationships, and a sense of place).   





Updated: Friday, April 12, 2024