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The Week Ahead, Feb 26 - Mar 1

February 26 – March 1



SCHOOL:  604-668-6660





March 4

PAC Meeting (6:30pm)


March 5

Field Trip (Div 8, 11)

Grade 6/7 basketball game

(2:45pm Steves)


March 7

Community Walk (9:00am)

Treat Day (popcorn)

Grade 6/7 basketball game

(2:45pm Gilmore)


March 8

Movie Night








Monday, February 26

  • Rainbow Club (11:50am in gym)


Tuesday, February 27

  • Grade 6/7 basketball game (2:45pm Quilchena)


Wednesday, February 28

  • Pink Shirt Day
  • Cannery Field Trip (Div 8, 10, 11)


Thursday, February 29

  • Grade 6/7 basketball game (2:45pm Steves)


Friday, March 1

  • Breakfast Club (8:00am in gym)
  • Yarn Club (11:50am in library)
  • Hot Lunch (Subway)



  • Thanks to everyone who supported our Scholastic Book Fair – we will be able to buy new books for our Library!


  • Recently there has been a large increase in requests for cutlery from the office during lunchtime.  We do supply plastic cutlery to students if needed, but please remember to pack re-useable cutlery for your child.


  • It’s Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday.  In 2007, high school students in Nova Scotia distributed pink shirts after a classmate was bullied for wearing pink.  Wear pink on Wednesday, if you can, to promote kindness!





Tru Earth - purchase eco-friendly cleaning products


COBS Bread at Blundell Center - tell them that you want a portion of your purchase to go to Steves Elementary


Return-It Express - Print labels at their kiosk using the school phone number (604-668-6660)  then affix to your clear-plastic bag filled with drink containers.  Drop the bag in the window and the PAC receives the funds!


The PAC is fundraising with Sweetness Colouring Cookies through March 3rd.  Order delicious cookies that your kids can colour with the included food-colouring markers.  A great Spring-Break activity and treat in one!



School Story in Action 2023-2024 


February 23, 2024 


February is Black History Month which addresses systemic issues, such as racism, while also helping us learn from the past, the qualities of leaders, and the positive cultural impact of leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK Jr.). These leaders have a positive influence in our lives and for future generations. Division 7 shared their dreams and goals for the world for something beyond their self, inspired my MLK Jr.’s speech, “I Have a Dream.” 


Some examples of student dreams include gender equality in sports, animal rights, caring for the environment, racial equality, ending world hunger, and addressing homelessness.  


This links to our School Story focus in the following way:  

Learning is embedded in memory, history, and story. 

(First Peoples Principles of Learning) 


As learning is ongoing, we thought we would remind you of some of last year's work around the same theme.  


February 10, 2023  


Since February is Black History Month, it is a good time to begin conversations around prominent black figures and the importance of inclusion and representation. This week, we would like to showcase Division 7’s learning about Viola Desmond, a Canadian changemaker whose story demonstrates the importance of speaking out to make spaces safer for all. 


This links to our School Story focus in the following way: 

Recognizing personal values and choices - "Students define who they are by what they value. They understand how what they value has been influenced by their life experiences. They identify how their values help to shape their choices, in all contexts of their lives."