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Reframing and Amplifying Our Focus

As we had new students, staff and administration join the Steves community, we intentionally wanted to invite everyone into our learning journey around Positive and Personal Cultural Identity. We continued with the goal of ensuring everyone feels that they can belong.

Students and staff learned of the importance and relevance of local Indigenous connections to land, which included Land Acknowledgements. The Land Acknowledgements that students and staff created are both personal and reflective.

We wanted to expand our exploration of marginalized voices. This included adding new literature and resources to our Library Learning Commons collection in an effort to ensure representation and accessibility for all.

We made an effort to create safer spaces through the creation and continuation of student groups and clubs. These spaces allowed for students to interact with different peers and staff members.

We endeavored to create greater community connection and understanding through the creation of Our School Story in Action. Community members had a weekly snapshot of the ongoing work around creating a positive, safe and inclusive school community.

For examples, please see Our Evidence Posts.

We continued to focus on the following Core Competency facets:

  • Understanding relationships and cultural contexts - "Students understand that their relationships and cultural contexts help to shape who they are. This includes culture in its broadest sense, including how one identifies in terms of ethnicity, nationality, language(s), abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, geographic region, and religious or spiritual beliefs. Students explore who they are in terms of their relationship to others and their relationship to the world (people and place) around them."
  • Recognizing personal values and choices - "Students define who they are by what they value. They understand how what they value has been influenced by their life experiences. They identify how their values help to shape their choices, in all contexts of their lives."
  • Identifying personal strengths and abilities - "Students acknowledge their strengths and abilities, and they intentionally consider these as assets, helping them in all aspects of their lives. Students understand that they are unique and are a part of larger, and often multiple, communities. They explain how they are using their strengths and abilities in their families, their relationships, and their communities."
Updated: Monday, April 17, 2023