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Evidence of Our Journey - Valuing Diversity

Valuing Diversity -  "Students value diversity, defend human rights, advocate for issues, and interact ethically with others. They are inclusive in their language and behaviour and recognize that everyone has something to contribute. Their approach to inclusive relationships exemplifies commitment to developing positive communities."

Our goal is to have our students respond "most of the time," or "all of the time," on the questions below from the Student Leaning Survey. Clearly, we have some work to do in this area. We have started targeted professional learning for all staff as part of our reguallr staff meetings icluding Learning Bursts and resource shares. This year are work was mostly in the early primary years and targetted toward sexual orientation and gender identity as part of a SOGI Innovation Grant. To that end, we have focused on diverse representations in stories and literature and have also had books shares and resource shares at our staff meetings. We feel this work has been a great success and the results will be clear when the current students do their Student Learning surveys in grade 4.

Moving into next year, we want to expand this work to include multiple representations of identity in all grades.


Updated: Monday, April 11, 2022